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Does your business need a website to succeed?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve just started a business or you are trying digital marketing for the first time, you’ve created a Facebook and Instagram page, you’re posting regularly and getting some engagement. You’ve wanted to have a website up and running because it looks professional and gives you some authority, but you don’t know where to start, who to speak to and the costs involved, so you just keep delaying it?

If I’d been given £1 for every time someone had told me this story, I’d have enough money to give £1 to everyone who told me.


Why people say no…

From the numerous people who I’ve spoken to over the years, there tends to be 3 recurring reasons why they don’t have one.

  1. Don’t know who to contact to build one. Even though there are probably hundreds of web designers and marketers in your area, chances are you don’t know one personally and you don’t want to bother anyone by asking if they do.
  2. HOW MUCH IS IT FOR A WEBSITE?!?! Let’s call a spade a spade: If you’ve just started a new business or you don’t usually spend a lot on marketing/advertising, forking out £100’s, if not £1000’s, on a website is just a no go.
  3. Having to manage it once it’s live. Once a website goes live, that’s usually the first part of the process. You don’t want the hassle of having to update it on a regular basis to ensure it’s not money wasted.

Now, these are just ‘obstacles’ that people throw up because if you didn’t know a web designer, you could just Google ‘web designer near me’. If you didn’t want to pay all that money for a website, you could just use a DIY version or take the time to learn to build one yourself.

From my experience, even though all of the above may well be true to people unfamiliar with digital marketing, I want to explain the importance of having a website going into 2020 and how it may not cost as much as you think…

It’s 2019, People.

I’m going to throw an amazing statistic at you that absolutely baffles me considering it’s 2019: Less than 2/3 (64%) of businesses have a website.

With the internet devouring everything in its path, having an online presence is critically important to the success of your business. According to Deloitte, 30% of customers won’t consider purchasing from a website that doesn’t have a website.

With even the rise and popularity of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the majority of internet users will then search for your business’s website to cement their opinion. If you don’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on driving potentially interested customers to your business

Claim Your Place.

How many times have you gone to research a purchase or learn more about a particular business and the first thing you do is search on Google? Not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You type in www.google.com and enter your search phrase.

I can tell you that 88% of consumers* researched businesses and products online before making a purchase or visiting the store.

With this in mind, how do you expect to drive new customers to your business if you are nowhere to be found? By having a website you can control the narrative and decide what information users see. By having a website you claim authority in your industry that you are a legitimate business to buy from.

Don’t Break The Bank.

Good website design can, and usually does, cost more than most businesses want to pay. The two main reasons being that it is a particular skill needed that the majority of people don’t know, and it can take some time if done properly. Now couple those together, and add in the need for businesses to have a website, you’ve got your self ‘supply and demand’.

With normal marketing agencies, there’s a lot of overheads that need covering, so if you want a website designed it’s going to start around the £2000 mark. You can always try it yourself and use a site like Wix or Squarespace, but you’re often stuck to rigid templates and you’re less likely to get a personal service.

It’s because of these reasons why you go back to saying that good website design is too expensive and why we’ve launched our new affordable website packages, for small and large businesses.

Our main aim is to build long-term success for you and your business. These packages are low-cost monthly payments, with no up-front cost, and will grow alongside your business. We’re super pleased to be launching this website model and really believe they’ll set your business up for success. Click below for further details!


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