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We’re helping businesses rethink their marketing.

Welcome to our little space on the internet.

I launched Hearnely back on July 1st and the first few months have been pretty crazy. Taking on a handful of new clients, reintroducing our updated self to old faces and working to raise awareness to potential future ones, it’s been nigh on hectic.

We initially ran a soft launch at the beginning of the summer for two main reasons:

  1. To see if there was room for yet another ‘marketing agency’, and
  2. If the vision I had of how our services would be presented was understandable to the market.

Turns out, it seems like it may be, on both counts.

To go into a bit more detail, we want to help businesses rethink the way they are marketing. Whether you’re a one-man-band or a large multi-national corporation, it’s changing. It’s changed.


It’s our time.

A well thought out marketing strategy nowadays needs to have a multi-channel approach. With potential customers attention spread over a variety of avenues, gone are the days where you can run some Facebook or Google Ads and watch the leads roll in. Your marketing needs to be clear and concise across all the platforms to ensure your message is being heard, and that’s where I think we can help businesses join the dots.

We’re a multi-functional marketing agency based in Cardiff, Wales who offers marketing services in digital (web design, social media, email, etc.), branding (graphic design, print, etc.) and strategy (training, workshops, etc.). We’re also working on an ‘on-demand’ marketing consultant service for as little at £50 per month, and we’ll release more information in due course.

But, in the meantime, this is just a short post to say hi and introduce ourselves.

I’m going to try and sign off each post with something for you to think about, so for the first one:

I want you to think if somebody seen one of your emails, searched for you on Google or came across your Facebook profile, would they instantly know it was the same business?

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